A ‘Pot’pourri: Medical Marijuana, Hypostatic Union, and The Ramp

This week we embraced the help of a few listeners to fuel this week’s episode.  In the past week we’ve been confronted with a few issues that we thought were important to address:

Medical Marijuana:  We received a listener email asking about the usage of medical marijuana for the Christian.  Is it ok?  Is it a sin?  Is the line more grey than black?

Hypostatic Union:  A common interpretation of Phillipians 2:7 is that Jesus emptied himself of his divinity while on earth.  But is that what the scripture really says?  If we are to truly believe that Jesus is God, then can we really also simultaneously believe that he was dependent upon the Holy Spirit for his divine works? 

The Ramp:  We follow up the Hypostatic Union discussion with an audio clip of the false teaching in the Church about Jesus’ divinity.  The popular youth movement The Ramp may be filled with an abundance of emotion, but is their Christology on point?

A special thank you to our listeners for your support!  Your support has been a true blessing to our show and we appreciate any and all of your feedback!  Email us at twothievespodcast@gmail.com…..  Enjoy Episode 10!!




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