About Us

The Society of Reformed Podcasters is a network of like minded content producers, committed to providing doctrinally sound theological content that educates and edifies the ones who hear (Ephesians 4:29). Each show approaches this task from their own unique perspective, but are unified by their confession of a common faith and purpose.



The Reformed Brotherhood

Tony is married to his wife, Ashley, and they live and worship in Rural New Hampshire. He grew up in Minnesota and moved to Boston for Seminary studies in 2010. He has a passion for making theology approachable and applicable to everyday life.


The Reformed Brotherhood & Fast God Stuff

Jesse grew up in New England as a preacher’s child and now lives in south-central PA with his wife, Jennifer, where he works in the finance industry.  He is passionate about worshiping God (especially through music) and using theology as the practical means for right thinking and right living.

conrad tolosa


Fast God Stuff

Conrad toured the nation in the punk rock band Ghoti Hook, has a masters degree from seminary and an executive membership from Costco. He is extremely mediocre at music production and photography. He enjoys running, science fiction and sarcasm. He wants to make theology simple, fast and fun.


Five For Fruit

Cary grew up in IN and attended college in TN where he met his wife, Karese, with whom he has four children. In 2016, he moved his family to the Chicago area to pursue his MDiv and serve Cottage Grove CRC. Cary loves making the truths of the Reformation simple, practical and culturally relevant.


The Nerd Gospel

Heath is a man about town who has never been seen in the same room as Batman. He is currently pursuing his MDIV at RTS, Washington, and is beyond thankful to be in SORP. He loves nerd culture, theology, and hot sauces.


The Nerd Gospel

Jeremy leads worship music at his local church and loves to learn about our stunning and awesome God. Jeremy was saved, by the grace of God, after 15 years of content atheism, at 34 years old. He remains shocked, and incredibly grateful, to find himself covered by the atoning blood of Jesus Christ.


According to Christ

Dale is currently working on an MDiv from Whitefield Theological Seminary and is pursuing his calling as an elder in Christ’s church through his local church, Grace Bible Church of Brandon.  Dale is convinced of Reformed theology and the need for genuine catholicity within the Body of Christ.


According to Christ

Drew graduated from Liberty University with a BS in Biblical Studies.  He also completed some graduate coursework at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  Professionally, he is a Data Analyst working on becoming a Data Scientist. He enjoys telling stories through data visualization.


According to Christ

Josh currently serves as an elder at Harbor City Baptist Church in Melbourne, Florida. Happily married to Megan and daddy to Emma and Calvin, Josh enjoys cooking lots of red meat, reading, fishing and teaching.


The Gospel Changes Everything

Brian lives in Midlothian, VA. He was on staff with Young Life for 14 years before becoming a pastor at Spring Run Presbyterian Church in 2007. He has one wife, three kids and two amazing grandchildren. He loves to fish, golf and create gospel-centered resources for those in ministry.


Two Thieves

Justin is married to his wife, Jaclyn.  They have two daughters, Aubree and Brooklyn.  He was born, raised, and still resides in the St. Louis metro area. He is not near as interesting as others in the SORP, but enjoys sound theology, sports, and 90’s country music.


Two Thieves

Brandon and his wife Shelbie have 3 children: Nadia, Natalie, and Kaiser. He is an elder in training and music leader in his local church. He is an avid Carolina Panther fan and enjoys cigars and indie music.