Apologetics Series: Our Romans 1 Culture

This week we begin a series on apologetics, or how to defend our Christian faith.  We transition into our topic by taking a look at an article that follows up on our “Shallow Oceans” episode.  We stumbled upon an interview with the director of an upcoming documentary about the Hillsong United band. As a professing non believer, he discusses what draws him to Hillsong and their music.

Our main topic for this episode is the exegesis of Romans 1.  As we look into this chapter we uncover what Paul is saying about the nature of man and how it applies to our culture today.  Before we can defend our faith we must understand the nature of our audience and how to best convey the gospel message to them. Thank you all for listening and please send any and all feedback to twothievespodcast@gmail.com  


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