Gold Dust and Angel Feathers

Maybe you’ve heard of it, churches claiming supernatural occurrences of gold dust and feathers falling from the ceiling and precious stones appearing during church services.  The most notable place of occurrence being Bethel Church in Redding, CA.  Since we have no direct reference for any of this in the bible, what are we to make of it?  How do we know if it’s real? 

We start the conversation off this week discussing continuationism vs. cessationism.  Basically, do we believe the apostolic gifts held by the New Testament apostles are still prevalent today?  Is there a biblical case to be made for these incidences?  And most importantly, how does it affect our belief of the Gospel if we chose one position over the other?  Join us this week as we break down these events in the charismatic church and what we believe scripture teaches.  Please check out our new website at and send any feedback to  Thank you for listening!


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