How to Answer the Fool

If you haven’t heard… The guys at Popcorn Theology did an interview with (former Christian) musician Derek Webb.  If you aren’t living under a Reformed Community rock, you’ve heard the rumblings.  This week, the Thieves apologetically analyze the conversation and talk about how we guard our hearts against apostasy.

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Intro: Mike B. Fort- “This Time”

Dialogue: Ryan Little- “Ball Drop”

Ending: Derek Webb- “Goodbye, for Now”



  • Erick June 28, 2018

    Heartbreaking interview with Derek.

    I was almost a Caedmon’s Call groupie…… went to many of their concerts in Dallas. Loved Derek. But at some point, Derek got mixed up with Jim Wallis and liberal theology. It had an enormous impact on him. I remember hearing at some point Derek endorsing Jennifer Knapp coming out as a lesbian. It was mind perplexing…… I propose that leftist theology was where the wheels started to spin off. Then it progressed from there to the well publicized affair he had on Sandra McCrackin. Then from there, to alcoholism, and then finally, to rejecting the faith altogether, yet being knowledgeable of the truth?

    Praying for Derek. But I must say… this was not all that shocking if one considers all of the other indicators and things he has said over the last decade and a half…….

    God, please preserve me, that I , a ridiculous sinner, may be one of your true and faithful saints, for I know my flesh is weak, my mind and my heart are prone to wander, and I am in constant need of repentance and sanctification. I know that I am no better than Derek.


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