Question Cast, Volume 5

Randy: What are our thoughts on Jesus being in heaven in a physical form?  How do we wrap our minds around this truth (cf. WCF, Chapter 8, Paragraph 2, 3)?

Josh: In response to our conversation about apostasy, we seemed to claim that “no one can know if fruit is present.”  How do you balance the finality and completeness of Christ’s sacrifice with a stern warning to look for real spiritual fruit?

Dan: Is John Piper right in saying that you are justified by grace alone but your entrance into heaven requires good works (i.e., you’re in right standing with God by grace alone, but to get into heaven you will be judged on your works)?

Shawn: Following the Macrionism discussion about the eternal relevance of the ten commandments, do we think the Sabbath pattern (6 days of labor and 1 day of rest) will remain in the new heaven and the new earth?


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