Question Cast, Volume 8

Ronny (Raleigh, NC): What are we communicating as Reformed believers when we say that the Bible is self-authenticating? How is that different from claiming the Bible is true because I believe it is true?

Jonathan (Hawaii): What can we rightly extend from federal headship to the role of men as husbands and fathers? Is there a link between Romans 5 and Ephesians 5? How can we better care for our wives and children as male heads of households?

Anonymous: How should paedobaptists handle the apparent failure of God’s promise to be a God to their children when their children do not come to faith?

Shawn (Orlando, FL): What is the nerdy Greek grammar explanation of John 1:1?

Jim (Philadelphia, PA): Given that we are cessationist, how do we feel about the appropriateness of the word “prophecy” for preaching? How do we feel about Vern Poythress’ essay on modern-day spiritual gifts being analogous to the apostolic gifts?

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