Repentance for the Redeemed

This week:  the doctrine of repentance.  The most basic teaching of the man who was sent to make way for Christ is unfortunately glazed over far too often in the modern American church.  A command not just for the lost, but for the redeemed in Christ all the more.  At such a critical juncture in our country, this is an issue that God’s people must be willing to convey as an essential part of the Great Commission.  Without repentance, we cannot see our need for a savior.  Without a savior, we are hopelessly condemned. 

In this episode we begin by answering a listeners question about deathbed confessionals in reference to our previous episode on election.  We then start our root conversation with biblically defining repentance, examining texts in reference to the doctrine, and discuss where some get the concept wrong.  The final question we seek to answer is, “What do we say to those that think we’ve been ‘saved’ through this election?  And what does it have to do with repentance?”

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