The Gospel Abortion Tangent

The word tangent has two meanings:  1)A line, curve, or surface meeting but not intersecting another and 2)Diverging from an original purpose or course…  In Episode 8, we exercise both. 

We start off this jam packed episode with a look back at our first 7 episodes and a couple of tangents about issues we’ve encountered since the release of Ep. 7: “Shallow Oceans.”  But the true subject of this week’s show is where the tangent of the Gospel of Christ and the issue of abortion meet.  More specifically; What should the church’s response be to the issue of abortion?  We take a look at some ways we believe the church as a whole could improve in responding to the issue of abortion and some practical solutions of how we further the Glory of God through working to end this heinous sin.  If we are to be part of the solution, we must admit that each of us, individually and collectively, are falling short.  We hope as our brothers and sisters in Christ that you all find encouragement in this week’s episode.  As always, please feel free to send your feedback to  Thank you for listening!!


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